SunlitGreen - Free Digital Photo Editing Programs

Using SunlitGreen Photo Editor


SunlitGreen Photo Editor, downloadable here, is also bundled in the BatchBlitz suite. It is a lightweight yet powerful photo enhancer and editor. It enables you to view, resize, rotate, apply color corrections and effects to your photos in an easy and professional way.

This Photo Editor tool has a separate license and can be used independent of SunlitGreen BatchBlitz.

Just choose BatchBlitz menu option  Tool > Photo Editor, or simply click button on the main toolbar. The main window (with an opened image) of Photo Editor may look like this:

The following sections briefly introduce some of the frequently used operations.

Open an image, then choose menu option Image > Image Size.... In the "Image Size" dialog, enter the new size values, and press OK. See below:

Holding down the Alt key changes the Cancel button in the above dialog into a Reset button. This holds true for most dialogs in Photo Editor.

Open an image, then choose menu option Image > Canvas Size.... In the "Canvas Size" dialog, enter the new canvas size values, and press OK. Note you can specify an anchor position, as shown in the below image.


Open an image, then choose menu option Adjust > Color Balance.... In the "Color Balance" dialog, drag appropriate sliders for a desired image tone.

As shown in the below image, we drag the "Cyan-Red" slider towards left for the midtones in current image.

This effectively reduces the redness from the image, as can be seen in the below example:


You can correct exposure or contrast of your images with a simple click. Just choose menu option Adjust > Auto Levels or Adjust > Auto Contrast.  

In the below example, Auto Contrast has been used to correct the overall contrast.


The Levels dialog lets you adjust intensity levels of the shadows, midtones (or gamma) and highlights in an image. Just choose menu option Adjust > Levels....

In this dialog, you take advantage of the histogram to get some feedback on your image and make adjustments accordingly.

Note that adjustment can be made to individual color channels as well as the composite channel (RGB channel). The Channel dropdown list specifies the targeted channel.


The Curves dialog lets you increase the contrast, or selectively enhance the details. Just choose menu option Adjust > Curves....

In the curve graph, each small square on the curve defines a control point. The black square indicates the current (or selected) point. You can add up to 8 different control points (not including the two default endpoints) to a curve.

To add a new control point, just click on the curve. To delete one, hold down the Ctrl key and click it. To select a point, simply click it. To move a point, select it and drag around.


The Photo Editor online documentation provides more detailed information.