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How to Categorize Photos

This tutorial shows you how to put your photos into different folders according to a specific property of the photos.



BatchBlitz provides a Categorize Images Wizard that lets you categorize your photos into different folders according to a specified Exif or IPTC metadata. The folders' names will be the metadata values.

E.g. if you categorize your photos according to the camera make metadata, the result folders may look like this:

In the above picture, the Canon folder contains all photos taken by Canon cameras, while the _Unknown folder contains all files from which BatchBlitz failed to retrieve the camera make.

View the Metadata of Your Photos

Using BatchBlitz, you can view the Exif and IPTC metadata of your photos with simple clicks.

Just select an image in Files or Source Images pane, then do one of the following:

    Right click the image and select Properties from the context menu;
    Click button on the pane toolbar.

Then the "Image Properties" dialog is shown. See below for an example:

GPS info, if present, is also displayed. See below for an example:


In This Tutorial...

You will learn how to put all photos into the same folder if they were taken on the same day. The result folders may look like this:

In the above picture, the folder 2004-06-22 contains all photos taken on Jun 22nd, 2004.

Select Source Photos for Categorization

Categorization is always done on the photos that you selected into the Source Images list. You cannot do categorization when this list is empty.

To select files into the Source Images list, go to the Source view, then drag files or folders from Folders pane, Files pane or Windows Explorer into the Source Images list.

Start Categorize Images Wizard

To invoke the Categorize Images Wizard, just click button on the toolbar of the Source Images pane. (Note: this button is disabled when the source list is empty.)

Step 1: Select Exif - Date Picture Taken from the Categorize images by dropdown list.

You may want to check the option Output selective categories only so that photos out of specified date range will not get categorized.

Step 2: Here you specify an output folder for the categorized files.

By default, source files are copied to the output folder. To delete original files after categorization, just check the below option.

Step 3: Categorization is now started.

Wait until process is done. Then you can click Finish to quit the dialog.


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