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What's New in BatchBlitz 3

The long awaited SunlitGreen BatchBlitz 3 is now released for download!


What's New:

This release comes with quite a few useful new features:

Categorize Images Wizard

This wizard allows you to categorize your photos into different folders according to a specified photo property (such as camera model, star rating, keywords, author).

For example, you can put all photos shot with a Canon digital camera into a folder named Canon, and those shot with a Nikon digital camera into folder Nikon, and so on. See below:

Categorize photos by camera make

Selective categorization is also supported. This means, you can choose to only output categories of your interest, instead of all that are found (as shown in the above image).

Exif and IPTC Support

This release has extensive support to Exif and IPTC metadata. These metadata are accessed through a series of predefined macros, such as $EXIF_EXPOSURE_TIME and $IPTC_CREATOR.

Now you can add watermarks to your photos like below:

Watermark photo with date Watermark photo with Exif/IPTC meta data Watermark photo with GPS info
Add Date Stamp Add Exif/IPTC Info Add GPS Info

You can also use Exif/IPTC macros when renaming files using the Rename File action. E.g. you can rename photos using the below pattern, so that the new names contain the camera make and name of the photographer:


The new file names may look like:

Canon - Daniel Willey.jpg
Canon - Daniel Willey (2).jpg
Canon - Daniel Willey (3).jpg
NIKON - Steven Roche.jpg
Panasonic - David Lee.jpg

Photo Metadata Viewer

BatchBlitz 3.0 lets you view photo metadata with the Image Properties dialog.

Photo meta data viewer

GPS info, if present, is also displayed. See below for an example:

Photo GPS info

Better Thumbnails for Image Browsing

The thumbnail generator of BatchBlitz 3.0 is optimized. It is times faster than that of the previous release.

Besides, you can now easily locate Exif-enabled images. As shown below, thumbnails have a red "Exif" tag on the top-right corner if the images have embedded Exif information:

Photo Exif tag