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Quick Tour of BatchBlitz

This quick tour gets you familiar with the user interface and the basic usage of SunlitGreen BatchBlitz.

It's a must-read before you continue with other tutorials.



User Interface

The main window of BatchBlitz consists of four views: Source, Output, Actions and Preview. You switch between them by clicking the corresponding icons on the left.

Source view is where you select the source images for further processing (i.e. filtering, categorizing or editing).

As shown in the below image, the Folders pane and the Files pane help you browse for source images on your hard disk. You can drag folders or files from these panes (or even from Windows Explorer) into the Source Images list.

BatchBlitz Source View

Output view (shown below) lets you specify where and how to store the processed images.

BatchBlitz Output View

Actions view lets you define one or more actions (e.g. resizing, cropping, adding watermarks, etc.) that you want to perform on the source images.

As shown in the below image, actions are grouped into three categories. You can activate, deactivate and comment actions. To edit an action, you simply double-click it. To remove an action, just select it and press DELETE. You can even re-order actions by drag-and-drop.

BatchBlitz Actions View

Preview view (shown below) lets you preview the effects of your defined actions applied to the demo image.

BatchBlitz Preview View

To Categorize Photos

By categorizing, you group your photos into different folders. Photos with a common property (e.g. camera model, date taken, etc.) will be put into the same folder.

As shown below, we categorize our photos by camera make. So the Canon folder contains all photos taken with a Canon digital camera.

Categorize photos by camera make

In BatchBlitz, the Categorize Images Wizard makes it easy to categorize your photos. You get all done in three steps!

Categorize Images Wizard

For more information on photo categorization, click here.

To Filter Photo Files

BatchBlitz allows you to directly excluded unwanted images from the Source Images list. As shown in the below image, the Filter Files dialog lets you do file filtering with instantly visible results.

The Filter Photos dialog

You can also do file filtering (as an action) in a batch task. More options are supported in this case. As can be seen in the below image, you can define complicated filtering rules.

The Filter Files action

For more information on file filtering, click here.

To Batch-Process Photos

BatchBlitz lets you to batch-process your photos using actions.

In a batch processing task, you simply select some source images, specify where and how to store the output files, define one or more actions, and then start the task with a click.

The below image shows the added actions in a batch task:

Batch edit photos using actions

Actions are powerful and highly customizable. As shown below, the Add Text action provides a variety of options:

The Add Text action

For more information on photo batch-processing, click here.